Dr. Nicholas Ballard

We have an ongoing collaboration with former BonLab member dr. Nicholas Ballard who now has his independent research team at the University of the Basque Country, Spain.

Prof. Emily F. Hilder

We have a longstanding collaboration with the team of prof. Emily Hilder at the University of Southern Australia. Contributing scientists are:

dr. Christopher T. Desire

dr. R. Dario Arrua

dr. Amin Hkodabandeh

Prof. Molly M. Stevens

We have an exciting collaboration on supracolloidal soft materials with prof. Molly Stevens’ group at Imperial College London. Contributing scientist who is a former BonLab member is:

dr. ROBERT v. Bell

Dr. Silvia Vignolini

We have an exciting collaboration on photonics of supracolloidal materials with dr. Silvia Vignolini’s group at Cambridge University. Contributing scientist is:

mr. gianni jacucci

Prof. Andreas Walther

We undertook exciting adventures on both Pickering stabilization and enzyme driven autonomous materials with the team of prof. Andreas Walther’s group, now at Freiburg University, Germany. Contributing scientists:

Dr. Thomas heuser

dr. Thomas Ruhland

BEE Innovation Hub

Prof. Stefan Bon is a club member of the Bio Electrical Engineering Innovation Hub since may 2018. Other members at Warwick are

dr. Munehiro Asally

prof. Murray grant

dr. Gabriel Meloni

prof. Orkun Soyer

Prof. Pat Unwin

dr. CHRistian Zerfass