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The Polymer Club Spring Symposium - 6 June 2017

We are organising our next Polymer Club meeting on June 6th 2017 at Warwick University. If you are working in industry and have an interest in polymer science we would like to cordially invite you to our Polymer Club Symposium.

You can sign up here:

Our previous meeting on Nov 2 2016 included representatives from the following companies: Postnova Analytics, Innospec, AkzoNobel, Withers & Rodgers LLP, Lubrizol, BYK Additives, Synthomer, Unilever, Silson Ltd., RSC, Marches Ltd., Tata Steel, Merck, Nuplex Resins, DSM, Devan Chemicals, Sugru, D3O, Medherant.