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Microscopic polymer particles: the good, the bad, and the future of polymer colloids

  • The Yard 11-12 Bull Yard Coventry, England, CV1 1LH United Kingdom (map)

We are delighted to contribute to the 2019 Pint of Science events in Coventry, especially as our part will take place in the Yard, a fantastic LGBTQ+ venue!

Stefan Bon and his team are specialists in the area of polymer colloids. Say what? Yes, microscopic polymer particles.

Plastics were hailed as the miracle material of the 20st century. Polymer dispersions, microscopic particles suspended in a liquid (often water), continue to play their part in the fabrication of a large range of products. Whereas paints, coatings, inks and adhesives seem obvious, you may not know they are key ingredients for products such as paper, condoms and gloves, concrete and asphalt . In this talk, Stefan and his team will talk you through the production and several applications of polymer colloids. What good do they do? What about the current public backlash on plastics?  Can polymer colloids play a role in a sustainable future for society and our planet?

An exciting event awaits!