Join Bonlab as a PhD student

2 PhD Studentships

Polymer and Colloid Chemical Engineering

Department of Chemistry

The University of Warwick (

You will be working in the research group of Stefan A. F. Bon, the BonLab (, on an exciting 4 year project in collaboration with industry in the area of polymer and colloid science. We study the chemistry and physics of colloidal systems in which molecular and/or colloidal entities can be assembled into more complex supracolloidal structures, with the aim to produce innovative advanced materials . Each project will span synthesis of particles and macromolecules with a design tailored to provide function, the development of methods to (self)-organise colloidal matter, and the fabrication and characterization of advanced colloidal materials of use in a variety of industrial applications.

Enquiries, which should include a CV with the names of two referees, should be made to Stefan A. F Bon (


An eligible student must hold, or be predicted to obtain, at least a 2.1 4-year degree in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Physics, or an equivalent scientific discipline. Exceptional students with a 3 year BSc degree only will be considered. This studentship is open to UK and EU nationals and those of equivalent status* (fees paid, plus annum stipend). Availability is for 4 years beginning on 1st October 2016.

*Please note - ELIGIBILITY - We can only offer the stipend to UK citizens who have lived in the UK for over 3 years (e.g. as a student), or EU nationals. Applicants from outside the EU are not eligible for this post due to restrictions on funding.