Join BonLab as a PhD student in 2019

We are looking for enthusiastic and dedicated people to join the BonLab as a PhD student. Start dates are October 2019. Do you have what it takes to work at the forefront in supracolloidal chemical engineering? 

You will be working under guidance of Stefan A. F. Bon on an exciting 4 year project in collaboration with industry in the area of polymer and colloid science. We have a number of opportunities available in my team:

project 1: Next generation sustainable polymer colloids

This projects deals with the fabrication of sustainable polymer colloids and capsules and their use as building blocks for a range of supracolloidal materials. We will look at alternatives to free radical polymerization methods under the tentative title: “oh, but its not microplastics”. Not only will we look at innovative fabrication methods, we will look at the formulation process involved during the processing into colloidal products, and we will characterize the physical and mechanical properties of the materials made.

project 2:  Dynamic Polymer Materials

We have interest in how dynamic macromolecules and colloidal particles that have the ability to form reversible networks can form liquid-based formulations with interesting rheological and features. The project focusses on the synthesis of polymer molecules and particles thereof, and the underlying soft matter physics on how these behave in liquids under shear. Key is to program soft materials and make them communicate.

Enquiries, which should include a CV with the names of two referees, should be made to Stefan A. F Bon (


An eligible student must hold, or be predicted to obtain, at least a 2.1 4-year degree in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Physics, or an equivalent scientific discipline. Exceptional students with a 3 year BSc degree will also be considered. This studentship is open to UK and EU nationals and those of equivalent status* (fees paid, plus annum stipend). Availability is for 4 years beginning April 2019 up to a start date of 1st October 2019.

*Please note - ELIGIBILITY - Applicants from outside the EU are not eligible for this post due to restrictions on funding. However, if interested we can try to find a way to bridge the funding gap.